"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble"
Psalms 46:1

by Lynn  (Richard's sister)

When Richard was first diagnosed with cancer, I learned some new things.

I learned that if you look up sometimes the tears don't come out.

I learned that brain tumors were the second leading cause of cancer death for people his age.

I learned that complaining about how old you were getting no longer made any sense.

I learned that each moment was precious.

I learned that I was more spiritual than I thought.

I learned that we must all count our blessings.

I learned that I was blessed to have Richard as my brother.

I learned that he was smarter and cooler and braver than I ever realized.

I learned that he had the greatest friends in the whole world.

I learned that he loved his family more than anything.

Richard never gave up and he never complained. The reason why is Talia, his pride and joy.

My daughter wrote the following essay about her cousin Talia:

By Allison (Richard's niece)

My family has had to deal with a lot of things these past 2 years. When my mom first found out that her brother had a brain tumor she was devastated. My whole family was heartbroken. Everyone was crying all the time and if they weren't crying they were always upset, especially for my cousin Talia.

Talia was only three at the time she found out her daddy was sick. It was very hard for her to understand what was wrong. It was even harder because she lived in Switzerland and her dad had to come to New York for hospital treatment. Her mom tried to explain her what was going on but it was to hard. But as Talia got older she began to realize more about her dad's sickness.

After her dad went to the hospital a couple of times they finally got most of the tumor out, As the time went by the tumor started to grow back even bigger. Talia had no clue what was going on. She came to visit us and each time it was harder and harder for her.

My whole family had to work together and help Talia understand what was happening. She came for a long visit when school began this year. We read her stories about dying and cancer to help her understand.

It has been very difficult for our whole family to overcome our sadness. It has been especially hard for Talia.

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