My Nephew, Richard
Spoken 10/25/98 by Robert Stelzer (Richard's Uncle)

What a fighter my nephew was. We were all so proud of how he overcame the trials of life and had the courage to change his life. How proud Richard was of his accomplishments, his position with Oracle, his wonderful and beautiful daughter, Talia, his legendary amount of friends. Unfortunately, this horrible disease was even too much for him. How proud we all were.

I remember so well after Richard's first surgery in Switzerland. His devoted group of friends that treated his mom and dad and myself as royalty, all on behalf of Richard. They all spoke several languages and unfortunately, English wasn't one of them. We pleaded with Richard to hurry up out of the hospital so Lloyd could order something besides a BLT in every fine restaurant.

Get out he did and boy did he fight. Two more surgeries and subsequent treatments. I remember him trying to give us the courage to face his dilemma.

Richard!!! I've waited a long time to tell you this and I hope you can hear me now. I want you to know I was fully aware of what you and cousin, Mark were doing in my apartment in LA while I was away on business.

Richard, you will be remembered for so much, not only as a loving son and baby brother to Ilene, Lynn and Mindy but also as a best friend to so many and best cousin in the world to Marc, Bonnie and Eric. Your nieces and nephews will forever be inspired by you humor, your warmth, your sensitivity and your courage.

May God keep you and bless you.

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