Dear Friends,

I created this site out of love and respect for the best brother anyone could dream of having.  He left behind his daughter, Talia, whom he loved with all his heart and a family who misses him each and every day.

When Richard got sick, he wanted to create a site to help others and share his experiences, both good and bad. Within this site, you will find personal stories and pictures from Richard's friends and family. My hope is that you will get to know him better and understand why we all feel this tremendous loss. 

You will also find the information Richard felt was important to help others who are on this unfortunate journey with a brain tumor or cancer. There are medical links to provide you with the best in health care.  It includes the latest and greatest doctors and centers to offer you hope.  On the books page, you can find special books and CDs for children and adults to help them understand what their loved ones are going through. Some of the most important information, for those who are needing it, can be found on the special info page. It deals with end of life issues and some other special care situations.  
The most important thing... treasure each day.
We will be adding new photos and stories. If you have anything you would like to share anything about Richard, please sign our guestbook or email me. I would like for Richard's daughter, Talia to hear and see all the wonderful memories we have about him.

Lynn :)

Please take the time to sign the guest book, thank you!!


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